Become an active participant in the creation of your next dreams.

Craft Your Dreams

Learn more about this unique approach to dream journaling

How Does It Work?

Discover how to guide your dreams and explore the inner cosmos

What To Expect

Instead of past dreams, craft the dreams of your future

Begin Crafting Your Dreams with the Original Reverse Dream Journal

Sweet Dreams offers 12 core themes for beginning your Reverse Dream Journal experience, including: Magic Wand, A Question Answered, Safe Haven, and A Place of Wonder. You’ll find guided prompts with suggestions and thought questions, blank panels for storyboarding, and rehearsal logs to help you craft and breath life into your sweetest dreams.

Don’t Miss It!

The first Reverse Dream Journal, Sweet Dreams, will be available on Amazon soon. May I send you a message when it’s published? I will not share your private information, and I am passionate about keeping messages brief, rare, and relevant.

Reverse Dreamwork Blog

  • The Dream Themes You Struggle With are the Best Ones
    Personalizing a theme (like “Space Travel” or “Solve the Puzzle”) to plant seeds for a future dream is a process in which you uncover its personal meaning and determine what details or specific events resonate. A theme is just a starting point, and as a starting point, it’s usually too vague and generic to make an impact on the subconscious mind. Some themes are easy to personalize. The dream theme, “Safe Haven,” for instance, naturally evoked vivid imagery and rich details that resonated with me immediately. I’ve lived and traveled in many places that felt safe, and I’ve lived in… Read more: The Dream Themes You Struggle With are the Best Ones