The Method

A Reverse Dream Journal is designed to guide you through the process of crafting a future dream. You are always crafting future dreams. The question is whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously. To craft dreams consciously, Reverse Dream Journals use the following method.

1. Choose a theme

Start with a broad topic for your next dream.

The original Reverse Dream Journal, Sweet Dreams, includes twelve core themes for launching your dream crafting practice.

2. Personalize it

Think about what the theme means to you and what you desire.

This step is vital. Any theme you choose will feel a bit generic at first. At the beginning of each theme in your Reverse Dream Journal, you’ll be guided to think deeply about its personal significance and how you would like to experience it.

3. Write about it

Write about your dream as though it has already happened.

Log your dream as you would in any ordinary dream journal. Imagine that you can remember it from a previous night. As you write, you tell the story to that part of your mind open and ready to revisit it in future dreams.

The Reverse Dream Journal provides a prompt for each theme to get your started.

4. Make it real

Craft vivid or unusual details to represent your dream.

Breath life into your dream with vivid details, emotion, metaphor, and features that carry strong personal meaning.

5. Create cues

Choose words, phrases, and symbols to act as cues during rehearsal.

Each Reverse Dream Journal provides prompts and space for choosing words or phrases to use later as cues for recalling and rehearsing your crafted dream. Symbols or images can also be powerful.

6. Get visual

Create or gather images to represent different parts of your desired dream.

The Reverse Dream Journal offers space for you to storyboard your dream. The blank panels, arranged in the style of comic book pages, invite you to visualize.

7. Pre-dream your dreams

Rehearse your dream and relax.

Keep a log of your rehearsal sessions. Add or change any part of your desired dream. Watch as your mind experiments with new ideas or travels a tangent. A wandering mind is not a mistake–it’s your creative muse.

8. Listen with an open mind

Listen for the response from your subconscious mind.

Watch your actual dreams for signs of your reverse dream. Be ready for the unexpected. Every Reverse Dream Journal provides a space for updates. You can write about your actual dreams or describe how your subconscious mind adopted and added to your story.