What is a Reverse Dream Journal?

A Reverse Dream Journal is a dream diary with a twist. Instead of writing about the dreams you just had, you write about the dreams you would like to have. Every Reverse Dream Journal provides broad themes and guidance for personalizing these themes and bringing them to life in your next dreams.

Reverse Dream Journals are designed to work in synergy with ordinary dream journals. You can still write about past dreams. In fact, the dream crafting process works better if you continue to listen, recall, and write about your past dreams. You can still learn from your dreams, gain insights, and witness your dreams unfold from the mysteries within. At the same time, crafting your dreams makes you an active participant in this process.

Dreams give us a window into deeper parts of our mind and heart, but we can be more than passive observers. You are a co-author. Your subconscious mind will reflect back to you the stories you tell it. You are always influencing your dreams. The question is whether you will influence your dreams unconsciously or consciously with intention. What stories do you want to tell?