Who Created the Reverse Dream Journal?

Sweet Dreams and other Reverse Dream Journals were created by Lisa Lindeman, Ph.D., a writer and psychologist specializing in the study of emotion, metaphor, and consciousness. Dr. Lindeman earned her B.A. in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

While at Berkeley, she began studying the role of conceptual metaphors in generating emotional responses to life events. This path of study coincided with a deep interest in dreams. The Reverse Dream Journal is the culmination of decades of personal dreamwork that included lucid dreaming, dream incubation, Jungian analysis, and Tibetan Buddhist practices of dream yoga.

Dr. Lindeman conducted independent research on emotion and metaphor during her six years of graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her theory paper on metaphors in depression, published in the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, summarizes her approach.

Metaphorical concepts play an enormous role in dreams, representing not only situations and events happening in waking life but the particular way those situations make us feel. Dreamwork is thus one way of working with our responses to waking life. Dr. Lindeman has found, on a personal level, that the endeavor to craft dreams consciously and intentionally has an indirect influence on day-to-day emotional well-being and personal development.

And of course, crafted dreams can be enormous fun. They can be sources of joy, adventure, and tranquility.

Learn more about Dr. Lindeman at LisaLindeman.com.