The Dream Themes You Struggle With are the Best Ones

Personalizing a theme (like “Space Travel” or “Solve the Puzzle”) to plant seeds for a future dream is a process in which you uncover its personal meaning and determine what details or specific events resonate. A theme is just a starting point, and as a starting point, it’s usually too vague and generic to make an impact on the subconscious mind. Some themes are easy to personalize. The dream theme, “Safe Haven,” for instance, naturally evoked vivid imagery and rich details that resonated with me immediately. I’ve lived and traveled in many places that felt safe, and I’ve lived in places that scared me to my core. As a student at Berkeley, the crime rate on campus was common trivia. A student was mugged every weekend. I went through a phase in which I was obsessed with personal safety devices. A fellow student and I traded stories about our experiences with safety devices that make noise. We both owned a small gadget which emitted a deafening noise if the pin was removed. My friend told me that one morning in class, the pin somehow came loose, and all 300 students had to evacuate the building. It was that loud. She […]

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